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Adara Wadan

We know that many great personalities described the “Love” as the memorable love quotes. Actually love is a notable thing and it is pertaining to the eternal and mystical topic that makes all of life melt away into nothingness. But, as Sri Lankans how sweet if we can find some beautiful love quotes in Sinhala! Therefore, here the Adara NIsadas is for you of simply the most though provoking, striking and vivid short love quotes for you to ponder.

And this Adara Nisadas includes all types of wonderful and beautiful love quotations. And they are with beautiful pictures to be shared with everyone, whether your friend, your partner, your spouse, or anyone. Also, you can use these Adara Nisadas with anyone that you want to put a smile on his/her face. Furthermore, here you will find some translations of popular love quotations of great personalities. And also you will find some fresh creative Adara Nisadas also.

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People can describe the love in different angles. And some of people have done also. However, Henry Ward Beecher described the Love as the Religion. See how that person saw the love! He saw it as one of the best religions and love is the religion whose God is love. And Paulo Coelho describes the love like this; the strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility. Actually when we are in love, we are the strongest for when our partner needs us. And we are the fragile because our egos and selves can sometimes get the better of us in the intrinsic foolishness of love.

Actually the love offers such immensely emotionally charged feelings of happiness and sorrow that one can be easily overwhelmed by. And we know that some people are hate to this love. Hence, Adara Nisadas will talk about the beauty of this love, reality of the love, the relationship with love and more. And you can use these beautiful wordings to send your love if your lover stays far away. Because distance does not matter when it comes to love!